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Basic kitchen pantry staples, cooking methods and there uses!

    There is no doubt that cooking your own food at home is better for you than take-out food, and I'll give you a few tips here to make it simple and easy for you. Once these tips are learned and embraced it will make your home cooking experience much more enjoyable, tastier and healthier!

  • List of Basic Pantry Staples
  • A list of staples I like to keep on hand at all times at home are: Meats, Poultry, Fish (fresh and/or frozen), Vegetables such as onion and garlic, (fresh, frozen, in jars or tinned) Spices (salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder or a multi purpose seasoning that has many spices already added), Oils (I prefer to use canola oil or olive oils), Flour, Rice, Pasta and Eggs

  • Cooking Methods
  • The different basic methods of cooking used at home are: Frying/Sauteing, Boiling, Braising, Slow Cooking, Baking/Roasting, Steaming - especially with vegetables to keep the goodness in, and Grilling or using a BBQ

  • Basic Seasonings used when cooking
  • Using Salt, Pepper, Garlic (fresh or from a jar) and Onion (fresh or frozen) as your main base for cooking: you can't go wrong with these four ingredients and they are often the main ingredients used by most chefs when starting any dish. If possible, I prefer to use fresh onion and garlic or pre-prepared jar garlic but 'watch out that your chopped/crushed jar garlic doesn't have to much water in it as it will spit when you add it to any oil when heated!' I also like to keep a tin or two of chopped or tinned tomato's in the pantry as it also can be used in many dishes and sauces!

  • The uses and Importance of Vegetables when Cooking
  • Vegetables: don't be afraid to experiment with different vegetables when cooking, and different styles of cooking vegetables e.g. Steaming, Stir Frying, Roasting etc. Yes I know the kids don't like them but there are so many variation's and variate of vegetables to choose from nowadays and today we are so lucky that you can choose from fresh produce, pre-prepared frozen and tinned vegetables to make our cooking experiences easier, more enjoyable, tastier and most importantly "Healthier"!

  • How to use Kitchen Technology to your advantage when cooking
  • Kitchen Technology: We are lucky that we live in an era where there are no shortages of tools, cookwares, gizmo's and kitchen appliances to make our lives easier at home and especially in the kitchen!and remember they're there for a reason, so don't be afraid to use them! On my pages here at Cooking with Digger, you will find many Recipes, Cookbooks, Cookwares, Baking Topics and Kitchen Appliances that are not only useful for you in the Kitchen they're also there to make your life easier and to cook healthier, and also to make the cooking and eating experience at home more far more enjoyable. So what's stopping you, lets get started in the Kitchen, Cooking your favourite meals!

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